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Tina McKenzie-Boyle

Crowthorne South Ward
Chairman of the Major Development
Planning Committee

I have lived in Crowthorne for 27 years with my family and my children have been educated locally. I have served the community as a Councillor since 2003, and as Council Chairman 2007-2011. As Commuter Champion for Crowthorne I successfully upgraded Crowthorne Railway station working in conjunction with GWR making it safer with security lighting and CCTV, and working with Wellington College, Edgbarrow School and Broadmoor to install planters and murals.

I am Chair of the Major Development Committee working in partnership with village agencies and residents endeavouring to ensure the impact of changes are for the benefit of the community, and I am a keen promoter of the Village Local Plan.  As a member of the Royal Borough of Berkshire Fire Authority, I work closely with the fire service and the police to ensure that residents live in a safe and secure environment which can only benefit our lively and friendly village.

I have been honoured by being elected Deputy Mayor for Bracknell Forest 2016-2017.

Telephone: 07885 454455

Appointed to sit on the Neighbourhood Planning Working Group which will investigate matters associated with the following:

To designate the Parish of Crowthorne as a Neighbourhood Area under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and define the scope, content and vision of a Neighbourhood Plan.  To produce a project plan involving key local partners and community engagement.  To research and build up evidence and develop options for aims, policies, proposals and/or site allocations.

Appointed to sit on the Emergency Planning Working Group which is responsible for investigating the following:

To establish a clear set of roles and responsibilities for those involved in emergency preparation and response at the local level.

Representative on Outside Bodies.

Wellington College Joint Councillors Meeting

Appointed to sit on the Major Development Planning Committee

The Major Development Planning Committee looks at major developments which are deemed as such by Crowthorne Parish Council. The criteria is the significant impact on Crowthorne (including neighbouring Parish Councils), but does not supersede the current process of investigations into local smaller domiciliary and trade planning applications and the subsequent recommendations.

Appointed to sit on the Crowthorne Educational Charity

The purpose of the Crowthorne Educational Charity is to promote the education of persons resident in the Parish of Crowthorne.  All Councillors of Crowthorne Parish Council serve as Trustees on the Crowthorne Educational Charity, however the Charity exists as a separate entity to Crowthorne Parish Council.  The Charity is administered by the staff of Crowthorne Parish Council on behalf of the Trustees.

Councillor Tina McKenzie-Boyle

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