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Jack Bolton

Crowthorne Parish Ward

A resident for 45 years. I worked for a local electronics company as a marketing professional and travelled the world meeting people of many cultures. I am retired but very active. I am secretary of Heath Hill Surgery Patient Participation Group and still follow my passion for Rugby Union and gardening.

I am keen to see that any future developments in Crowthorne are tempered with common sense whilst ensuring that its community spirit is sustained for current and future residents.

Representative on Outside Bodies 2016 - 2017.  Appointed May 2016.

Bannister Charity (Annually)
Edgbarrow/Sandhurst Sports Centre Management Committee (BFBC Quarterly)
Broadmoor Local External Stakeholders Group

Telephone: 01344 772486

Appointed to sit on the Administration Working Group which investigates matters related to
the following:

Community Awards, CPC promotion, media, finance, budget, office administration/IT and terms and conditions of hire

Appointed to sit on the Property Working Group which investigated matters related to the

To oversee facility maintenance, equipment provision and recreational activities associated with the Morgan Centre building and car park, Parish Hall, and Morgan Recreation Ground

Appointed to sit on the Three Year Strategy Working Group which is responsible for the

The preparation and ongoing management of a Three Year Plan for Crowthorne Parish



Appointed to sit on the Emergency Planning Working Group which is responsible for investigating the following:

To establish a clear set of roles and responsibilities for those involved in emergency preparation and response at the local level.