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Gail Robertson

Crowthorne Parish Ward
Vice Chairman of the Staffing Committee
Vice Chairman of the Walter Recreational
Ground Charity

Crowthorne is a great place to live. I love going up the High Street and bumping into folk I know-and having a chat and exchanging gossip. Much better than reading and posting news on face book.

I am involved in many local clubs and activities. I swim at Wellington College, go on holidays with The Invincibles, chair the Bracknell Probus club, organise the front garden competition for the Carnival (please enter your garden-see the Carnival web site) and I help as a trustee to look after the Walter Recreation Ground and Circle Hill. Join me for coffee or stop and talk to me on the High Street.

Representative on Outside Bodies.

BFBC Biodiversity Action Plan
Parish Parks & Public Realms - Parish Clerk

Telephone: 01344 775432

Appointed to sit on the Administration Working Group which investigates matters related to the following:

Community Awards, CPC promotion, media, finance, budget, office administration/IT and terms and conditions of hire

Appointed to sit on the Property Working Group which investigated matters related to the following:

To oversee facility maintenance, equipment provision and recreational activities associated with the Morgan Centre building and car park, Parish Hall, and Morgan Recreation Ground

Appointed to sit on the Emergency Planning Working Group which is responsible for investigating the following:

To establish a clear set of roles and responsibilities for those involved in emergency preparation and response at the local level.

Appointed to sit on the Staffing Committee

The Committee has responsibility for ensuring the Council complies with the requirements of employment law and follows best practice in providing good working conditions for staff, including health and safety.

Appointed to sit on the Crowthorne Educational Charity

The purpose of the Crowthorne Educational Charity is to promote the education of persons resident in the Parish of Crowthorne.  All Councillors of Crowthorne Parish Council serve as Trustees on the Crowthorne Educational Charity, however the Charity exists as a separate entity to Crowthorne Parish Council.  The Charity is administered by the staff of Crowthorne Parish Council on behalf of the Trustees.

Appointed to sit on the Walter Recreation Ground Charity no: 300145

The purpose of the Charity is to maintain the Walter Recreation Ground and Circle Hill for public use in line with the Charity Indenture dated 10 June 1887 and the Charity Commission Scheme of 14 January 1975 as amended by resolutions dated 17 November 2009 and 6 July 2010.

Appointed to sit on the Neighbourhood Planning Working Group which will investigate matters associated with the following:

To designate the Parish of Crowthorne as a Neighbourhood Area under the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and define the scope, content and vision of a Neighbourhood Plan.  To produce a project plan involving key local partners and community engagement.  To research and build up evidence and develop options for aims, policies, proposals and/or site allocations.

Councillor Gail Robertson

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