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Community Grants

Every year Crowthorne Parish Council makes a number of grants available to local organisations, further information can be found by clicking the link below.

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Crowthorne & Wokingham Without Joint Guide to the Parishes

The Joint Guide has a large range of
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Crowthorne & Wokingham Without

The Joint Official Guide to the Parishes of Crowthorne & Wokingham Without.

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Keep Your Home Safe
This Summer

Don’t fall victim to opportunist burglars this summer!

At 9.30pm on Wednesday 24 July the elderly residents of a detached house close to Bracknell town centre that has a garden backing onto an alleyway disturbed a man as he was climbing in through their rear kitchen window which they had left open due to the hot weather. Fortunately the offender ran off without stealing anything or causing any injury. He fled back over the 6’ garden fence and along the path towards the town centre.

You can greatly reduce your risk of burglary by taking a few simple security measures to help make your property less attractive to thieves.

Most burglars are opportunists and target homes and businesses that offer the least risk of being caught, or present an easy opportunity such as open doors and ground floor windows.

Even during very hot weather when you may feel too warm within your home, the fact is that it may be warmer outside so keep the warm air out.

If you want to allow a breeze in, don’t leave doors or windows in unoccupied ground floor rooms wide open. Rather open upstairs windows. If your home has double glazed units you should find that the handles enable you to lock the windows whilst they are “open on the latch”. Older style windows can be fitted with a lock that does the same.

Going on holiday?

Whether you’re going away for a day or a few weeks, you should take steps to make your home look occupied. A dark home in the evenings and uncollected mail are signs to burglars that no one is home.

Before you go on holiday:

For more information on how to protect your home and belongings visit Thames Valley Police website.