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Crowthorne Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

Crowthorne Parish Council has elected to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Crowthorne Parish.  

Within certain parameters, residents can affect some aspects of development into the future. It will be a costly process, needing wide communication (taking many forms) with all groups involving consultation and feedback, which will be funded through various sources.

The first stage was for Crowthorne Parish Council to designate the Parish of Crowthorne as a Neighbourhood Area in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.   The application was resolved by the Executive Member for Planning and Transport on the 15 June 2016.

The attached a map identifies the extent of the Neighbourhood Area, namely the Parish of Crowthorne which includes the Wellington element of Little Sandhurst.

Designating the whole Parish as a Neighbourhood Area was considered appropriate because: -

  1. The Southern Boundary 'Crowthorne South' borders on the area designated by Sandhurst as their neighbourhood and includes Wellington College and some listed buildings.  Representation from Wellington College will be included on the Working Group.
  2. The Western Boundary borders Wokingham Without Parish which is governed by Wokingham Borough Council.  However, because of the nature of this boundary it is intended that representation from Wokingham Without Parish Council will be included on the Working Group.
  3. The Northern and North East boundaries border Bracknell Town Council and Winkfield Parish Council and include parts of the SPA and Crown Estate Land.   It is intended that the Neighbourhood Plan will include policies on the use of open spaces within the Crowthorne Parish boundary.
  4. Within the proposed neighbourhood area there are a number of sites designated within the Site Allocations Local Plan (SALP) for development (i.e.) TRL, Broadmoor and parts of Dukes Ride. The Neighbourhood Plan proposes to ensure all future development fits in with existing characteristics of these areas and the wider Crowthorne community.


A Working Group, which includes representatives of both Crowthorne Parish Council and the community has met to discuss the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan with a view to developing a locally specific policy framework, which other interested parties i.e. stakeholder groups will also have an opportunity to influence.

If you are interested in shaping development in the Parish, then please email the Clerk at:

Further information on Neighbourhood Planning and the Crowthorne Parish Neighbourhood Area can be viewed at: and

It is intended that the Neighbourhood Plan will include policies on the continued separation of the settlement boundaries and the provision of leisure facilities as identified as a requirement from an earlier resident consultation.


Following the work of the Neighbourhood Planning Group, including representatives from both Crowthorne Village Action Group, Crowthorne Traders and volunteers from within the community, Crowthorne Parish Council has now prepared its Pre-Submission Plan for your area.

To read the full Consultation information and to comment, please use the links below…

Consultation Leaflet

Crowthorne NP SEA HRA Screening Determination (January 2019)

Crowthorne Neighbourhood Plan

Appendix C Crowthorne Design Guide

Comment Form

Plan Submission and Documents in Support >>