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Three Year Strategy Plan
2016 - 2019

On the 5 July 2016, Crowthorne Parish Council resolved to approve a Three Year Strategy Plan for Crowthorne Parish.

The Three Year Strategy Plan is a statement of the Parish Council's vision for the Parish, its purpose, values, objectives and key priorities beginning June 2016.   The Strategy Plan is a document that sets out what Crowthorne Parish Council hopes to achieve over the next three years, either directly or by trying to increase its influence on a relevant delivery body, such as Bracknell Forest Council.

The Strategy Plan was produced following a 7 week consultation with local residents, to obtain the views and wishes of the community with regards to local facilities and how these could potentially be improved.

The Strategy Plan includes a list of activities and target dates which make up an 'Action Plan', this section will be monitored by the Council with each Committee/Working Group reviewing progress against its own objectives and targets. The Plan will be a live document which will be updated on a regular basis enabling the Council to track and monitor its progress against key priorities over the next three years.

The Key Objectives of the plan are:

The Three Year Strategy Plan can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

To see the consultation responses please CLICK HERE